What We Do

Hello to all our friends of Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association and welcome to new friends.

We are looking at our name which is a mouthful and sometimes gets shortened to GOPWA, and may change it to Senior Citizens Glasgow. You may or may not be aware that we are also the Senior Citizens Scotland Charity. We have been around in Glasgow for 67 years helping older people to feel less isolated and lonely, showing we care for all senior citizens. We have had to go beyond Glasgow as we couldn’t say no to those people around Scotland who also need help and advice.

What we do:

We offer friendship, care trust and help to ALL SENIOR CITIZENS.
We have 5 day centres around Glasgow where our buses pick up the frail elderly.
They are brought into centres to be included locally and socially in their communities. This alleviates loneliness and isolation for senior citizens and lets them feel loved and cared for.It is not just about coming to a day care centre, it is about each person having a link in the community through recognition by their Neighbours, who know how to contact us if they think we might be needed because curtains aren’t opened or the S.C. hasn’t been around or anything that is unusual for that older person and we will instantly respond and help where we can.

We have 3 income Maximisation social welfare officers who will take referrals from anyone or even self referrals to help the older generation access benefits or any other rights due to them. This work is done with speed, diligence and privacy. To some people these benefits are the difference between using private transport and public transport which can be difficult for them to access, apiece of steak to a bit of sausage, the AA benefit enables a S.C. to maintain the life they want to live. Other problems are handled by our officers, small to us but huge to the person with the problem.

At our 100 weekly clubs able bodied seniors come along to enjoy friendship, social events and to keep up to date about any new legislation or change affecting pensions. We arrange 2 social evenings in the year for our volunteers, we have a domino and bowling league which is very well attended. We have Christmas dinner for those pensioners who are alone at Christmas. We also take pensioners away to a hotel to celebrate Hogmanay and we do a foreign holiday once a year in the spring, the holidays give carers a much needed break.

We have around 2000 volunteers in Glasgow and we would not be so successful if it weren’t for these wonderful people who they tell me get a glow from doing what they do. To us they are worth their weight in gold. We are here for everyone, if it’s a problem or a family member has for a Senior Citizen or if it is a senior citizen who needs help. We will take on anything and get it solved for the person who is worried about their problem. We have supported flats for Senior Citizens in the south side of Glasgow and a beautiful residential home in the West End. Please don’t sit at home and be lonely, we are here for you. Let us nurture and love our children and respect and care for our Seniors. Please donate to this wonderful charity and come to visit, which can be arranged for you, and see the good that your donation is doing for seniors everywhere.

The great and growing proportion of old people in the community is one of the most serious problems confronting the nation. Social workers in Glasgow have been alive to this problem for many years.
In 1941 an effort was made to form a Committee to coordinate and extend the activities of the statutory and voluntary bodies interested in the old people of Glasgow, but owing to the pressure of war work, that effort had to be abandoned. After the war the project was revived and, on the 9th January 1948, at a meeting convened by The City of Glasgow Society of Social Service, attended by representatives of over thirty statutory and voluntary bodies, the Glasgow Old People's Welfare Committee was formed.
In 1948 at a public inaugural meeting in the rooms of the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, presided over by the late Sir Hector Hetherington, Principal of Glasgow University and attended by 180 people, a resolution was passed unanimously welcoming the formation of the Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Committee, and commending it to the support of every member of the community.
In 1986 at the Annual General Meeting it was unanimously agreed to amend the Constitution to change the name "Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Committee" to "Glasgow Old People's Welfare Association".
In 1995 at a Special General Meeting held in the City Chambers it was unanimously agreed that effective from 1st April 1996 Glasgow Old People's Welfare Association become a Company Limited by Guarantee and the Insurance Service part of the work be incorporated in a trading company called "Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Insurance Services Limited".
In 2010 after sixty two years of progress, the many services established and maintained by this Association, outlined in the ensuing pages of this Report, are being enjoyed by older people throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas. In the years ahead, these services must expand and facilities increased to meet the challenge of longer life. This is particularly true in terms of Day Care and Sheltered Housing in view of care in the community.